Here you can find out more about Greville’s magical alter ego –
The Stupendous Crapini.

Click on the picture to see more info about each act.

Requires a minimum of 3m x 3m stage space

Magic showreel

Comedy magic act

Magician extraordinaire, The Stupendous Crapini will dazzle you with
his fancy footwork and breath taking acts of magical idiocy!

“Don’t be fooled – an expert in the secrets of his craft, The Stupendous
Crapini sends up the world of magic; revealing each trick with camp
smiles and cringe-worthy footwork.
“Hilarious!” – Lexi Bradburn – International Workshop Festival

Comedy magic act

The magician extraordinaire is back again for more astonishing mayhem
and extravagant footwork.
Will it go smoothly this time?

Paul Daniels, David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy have got nothing
on him! (Well, apart from talent and skill…)

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